Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Here at Sherni London we love Asian bridal and occasion wear, and we know that finding the perfect outfit can sometimes be a minefield. That's not even taking into account any body hang-ups we might have.

We celebrate all shapes and sizes, and want you to look and feel your best. We believe that if you work with your body rather than simply choosing what's currently on trend, you'll find a style that will not only make you look like the goddess you are on your wedding day, it'll stand the test of time!

We've found that one of the problems many women face is finding bridal wear to cover their waistline, particularly as it's an aspect of our bodies women report being most self-conscious of. We are all unique, and want to celebrate that while ensuring you feel your best on your wedding. So we've decided to put together 5 tips for you below - read on to find out more!

Tip 1: Tie your lehenga at the thinnest part of your waist

High waisted lengha lehenga in green curvy bridal styles

It seems like it would go without saying, however don't underestimate the importance of a high-waisted lehenga. Having your lengha start at the thinnest part of your waist will ensure that the focus is on the dip in. Plus you'll find that this way, a shorter blouse will look much better and make you look slimmer.

Tip 2: Think out of the box for your choice of blouse

red peplum bridal lengha lehenga hand embroidered

When looking at bridal inspiration it can seem that the only way to go with a blouse is short, showing a few inches of midriff, and low cut. However, there are plenty of modern styles which help skim over any problem areas, and ensure you still look classic and elegant. You can choose from peplum blouses, blouses that go all the way to the lehenga waistband, and blouses with sheer panels that still give the illusion of showing skin, but with some level of coverage.

Tip 3: Inventive ways to drape your dupatta

Just as a pretty scarf can hide many things, so can your dupatta. Some inventive draping can work wonders for your figure.

Ever thought of using two?

Wearing two dupattas has been making a comeback in recent years, as it gives brides a regal, elegant and timeless look. One can be draped across your body, saree style, hiding your mid-section. The other can be placed on your head and either left open, over one shoulder, or pinned up.

There are so many possibilities with this look - why not experiment with dupattas you have at home? If your outfit is being created from scratch, both dupattas can complement each other, and do not have to be an identical match.

Take inspiration from period drama Bollywood films which use dupatta draping to show the abundance, elegance and royalty of their characters.

Tip 4: Carry a bouquet

Your wedding photographs will be with you forever and you want them to represent you, whilst being unique and natural. So why not get a bouquet of fresh (or artificial) flowers which complement your outfit so you can hold it during photoshoots?

It not only works as a gorgeous prop, but doubles as a beautifully handy way to cover any areas you aren't comfortable showing on camera. Not only that, if you're nervous about being in front of the lens, holding on to something can really help calm you down and always gives you something to do with your hands.

Tip 5: Smart lehenga design

Peach and silver lengha lehenga anarkali gown

There are tricks that you can ask your designer to incorporate in your lehenga which will give the illusion of a much thinner waist. The main one being to choose smaller embroidered motifs rather than large designs. If you like the look of large motifs, make sure these are focused towards the bottom of the lehenga, and graduate to smaller designs as you get to the waistband. This will trick the eye into seeing the bottom half as much wider in proportion to your waist.

Have you got any tips of your own to share? Comment below!


If you're looking for bridal or occasion-wear and would like more information, get in contact and book a free consultation where we can help you get rid of any confusion and stress, and talk through the perfect styles for you.

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