Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Wedding day coming up? Having visions of all the things that could possibly go wrong? We've all seen both hilarious and scary Asian wedding 'fail' videos online, and we'd all be lying if we didn't have a momentary thought of 'what if'...

In reality, no wedding is perfect. Things go wrong and 99% of the time, your guests won't notice! As the bride, most of these glitches are out of your control. You've got to look like it's all in hand, even if you're about to break into a sweat through your makeup, and you're panicking because you can see an uncle on the verge of a dodgy dance after too many drinks.

There are some things you can keep control of though, and all it takes is a little preparation. Have a read of our top wedding day hacks that'll help give you less to worry about on your special day.

Hack 1: It's what's underneath that counts...

Cycling shorts (stay with us) are going to be your best friend and peace of mind. If you've ever had crazy dreams of your lehenga malfunctioning in front of all the guests, wearing fitted shorts underneath will go a long way to making you feel more secure, comfortable and confident.

If you're a plus size bride, or don't have a 'thigh gap', shorts will help reduce chafing and thigh-rub when you're walking around taking your wedding photos, having to get up and sit down all day, or even when you're tearing it up on the dancefloor!

Plus, when you need the bathroom, your bridesmaid or designated 'aide' can get you in and out of your lehenga easily and spare blushes on both sides. Win-win!

Hack 2: Safety is key

It should go without saying but you'd be surprised how many brides, bridesmaids and family simply forget to bring a bunch of safety pins on the day!

Your makeup artist will have some they'll use to pin your outfit, but not all will leave you with extra so it's best to make sure you're prepared. Ensure there are at least 5-10 large and small safety pins (in gold or silver, whichever would look least conspicuous on your outfit) either in your bridal bag, or in someone else's for safekeeping.

Don't underestimate the usefulness of those little bits of metal. If you, your family or bride squad have any wardrobe malfunctions, you'll be grateful you told them all to carry some!

Hack 3: Smooth it out

It's easy to get so excited about your outfit that you don't see the bigger picture, literally. Any creases you might have, or even creases in the wrong places, will look glaringly obvious on your wedding pictures and videos.

Our best tip - buy a handheld steamer to use on the day. It's perfect for intricate, embroidered outfits and won't damage the work. Whatever you do, don't take an iron to them! There's a high chance of damaging it that way, and if you have the option of a steamer, we'd suggest using it.

When you or someone with you uses the steamer, just make sure you're not wearing the outfit as the steam does get very hot and you don't want any scalding.

Steaming is also perfect for brides who's wedding outfits have arrived by post, and have creased in transit. Or those who haven't been able to hang theirs before wearing it (after the wedding, lehengas should always be laid flat, never hung as there's a risk of tearing the fabric if the work is heavy).

A steamer is definitely a must for that last minute touch up before your grand entrance!

Hack 4: Break in your wedding shoes

Many brides buy a brand new pair of shoes especially for their wedding day, but how many actually break them in beforehand? It's an amazing feeling to unbox a fresh pair of your dream wedding shoes on the day, but how will you feel in them in a few hours' time?

The key is to break them in beforehand. If they're too tight, wear them around the house with socks on (you'll feel a bit silly but its worth it), or take a hairdryer to them. If they're high, practise walking in them so you're confident and comfortable on the day. If they're pinching or rubbing in the wrong places, this gives you a chance to add some kind of padding - that's if you're set on this pair.

The key is comfort and confidence. No one wants to see you in discomfort, hobbling over to greet your guests. So if in doubt, get a different pair that will last you the whole day and keep you smiling.

Hack 5: Lingerie on your wedding day

This one applies for bridal shopping as well as on the day - ensure you are wearing the same lingerie underneath your outfit on your wedding day as you do when attending fittings/trying on in boutiques.

For example, two similar bras may give us two totally different shapes under a blouse, so make sure you're wearing the same set both for fittings and on the day. You'll be 100% confident that your silhouette is exactly as you expected, and there are no surprises (wandering bra straps peeking out behind your blouse).

What's your favourite hack and why? Are there any we haven't listed here? Let us know in the comments below!


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